Thanks for all your Efforts

Business Letter

Dear …

Please allow me to take this opportunity to say how impressed __(I was/we were)__ with the professionalism that you and your staff demonstrated with the __(type of project/case/survey/etc.__). It was evident that you took the time required to research and review the objectives. Your involvement and contribution was thorough and well presented.

Let me extend my gratitude and appreciation to all those who participated in this __(name of case/project/etc)__, showing their willingness and eagerness to help expedite the process. As a result of all your efforts, we have now achieved __(briefly described what has been achieved)__. I commend you and your team, __(Name)__. Congratulations and thank you for a job well done!

Now that we have received __(briefly describe status)__ status, the next step in the process will be __(an/ongoing audit(s)/inspection(s)/assessment(s)/etc.)__ conducted by __(Name of organization)__ to ensure our __(type standards are being maintained/etc.)__. I cannot stress enough, the importance of this __( audit/inspection/assessment/etc.)__. It plays a significant role in our __(briefly describe why it is so important)__. Thankfully, the exceptional efforts demonstrated by you and your __(staff/team/etc.)__ with the __(type of project/case/survey/etc)__), gives me the assurance that I can count on you again for this upcoming __( audit/inspection/assessment/etc.)__.

Thank you again, for your valuable contributions to __(name of organization)__, __(Name)__. I am proud to have you and your capable __(staff/team/etc.)__ on board.