Need to believe you’re not cheating

Love Letter


I am struggling to find the words to express how much I am hurting right now. I am trying to be strong, but fears of you with another woman keeping cluttering my mind. When we fell in love and got married, I really believed you loved me and wanted to share your life with me. I thought you wanted us as much as I did.

You are the one person that I trusted with everything, the one I loved with every beat of my heart. I happily believed in and cherished our wedding vows to each other. And then one day I got a phone call that shook my world. You can`t know how deeply shocked and hurt I was by that call from a woman, claiming to be your mistress.

If you could only feel my fears and the pain of my tears as they fell. I hope that you will not carelessly throw away all that we are and all that we have together for a cheap fling. I love you with my whole heart and cannot bear the thought of losing you. Yet, even though it may mean walking the path of unbelievable unhappiness, you have got to know, I will never play second place in your life.

Yes, you have told me that you are being faithful to me and that you love me, but my heart still feels the terrible sting of that call. I now I cry at nights wondering if you are really being true to me. I never know where you are while you are working and I admit that I am now feeling very unsettled with that. You keep saying that you love me, but right now, I desperately need to be "shown" your love.

Please help me to find peace in my mind and in my heart, by showing me in that special way that only you can, that you love only me. I need that more than ever…I need you more than ever.

Your loving wife,