Follow up to Accreditation process

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Accreditation for __(name of Organization)__

Please allow me to express to you that the __(name of third party organization)__ and our __(Name of my Organization)__ are focused on the same goals. My management team and I have spent a tremendous amount of time and effort over the past __(#)__

__(years/months/weeks)__ to raise the overall quality of the __(type of services - example: health care)__ services we offer, while staying within our allotted budgeted dollars. We are committed to providing a level of __(type of services - example: health care)__ services that easily meet the __(national/international)__ standards set by your organization.

I put complete trust in my entire management team and their efforts, knowing that each one of them has been on board with this concept for quite some time now. They not only buy in to the short term and long term goals of our __(type of my organization – example: Nursing Home)__, but also understand how it fits in with the overall mission of __(name of third party organization)__. We are well prepared and more than ready for the Accreditation of __(name of my organization)__ for __(year)__.

I had mentioned to you previously that, regrettably, I will not be present during the Accreditation __(audit/investigation/examination/survey/etc.)__ on __(date)__. Unfortunately, I am committed to a prior engagement that is of equal importance. I do, however, have full confidence in my management team to represent our __(type of organization – example: nursing home)__ professionally and accurately. They are more than capable of assisting you with your __(audit/investigation/examination/survey/etc.)__ and have the autonomy to proceed with this Accreditation process on my behalf.

In view of this, there should be absolutely no reason why the Accreditation process should be held up, or affected in any way, as a result of my unavoidable absence. I will be available by phone at __(phone#)__ up to and including __(date)__ in the event that you require a phone discussion with me. I trust you will find all to be in order and look forward to receiving recommendation for Accreditation for __(year)__ upon completion of the __(date)__ __(audit/investigation/examination/survey/etc.)__.

Yours truly,