Invitation to Golf Tournament

Business Letter


RE: __(Name of Golf Tournament)__ - __Date)__

It is my pleasure to invite you to our upcoming __(name of Golf Tournament)__ on __(date)__. Each year __(Name of Organization)__ puts on a __(18/9 Hole/Texas Scramble/etc.)__ Golf Tournament to __(briefly describe why you put on this tournament)__, with proceeds going to __(name of charity(s)__. Every year this tournament gains higher recognition and this year, we expect a turnout of __(#)__ participants.

  1. Date:
  2. Location:
  3. Cost:

To kick off our __(Name of Golf Tournament)__ this year, we will start the day by offering a __(free bucket of balls to the driving range/instructional clinics/continental breakfast/etc.)__. The day ends with __(Type of Activity – i.e. Awards and Prizes)__.

Scheduled Activities

  1. Time: _____ to Time____ - __(Type of Activity: i.e. instructional clinic/breakfast/etc.)__
  2. Time: _____ - Tee Off
  3. Time: _____ - __(Type of Activity: i.e. Buffet Dinner)__
  4. Time: _____ - __(Type of Activity: i.e. Awards and Prizes)__

We welcome you to come out and enjoy this great day of golf and entertainment! Please RSVP no later than __(date)__ to: __(phone #/email address/etc.)__.

Hope to see you there!

Best regards,