Claim Denied by Insurer

Business Letter


RE: Policy # __(#)__ - __(Name)__ __(Type)__ Claim Submission Denied

Please be advised that your application dated__(date)__ for a __(Type Claim)__ with __(Name of Insurer)__, has been denied. We refer you to the __(conditions/exclusions/etc.)__ listed under Section__(Section Number/Name)__ of your policy. Here it states:

- __(list and describe verbatim the condition(s) that has not been met or the exclusion(s) that applies)__

Our investigation has revealed that the above mentioned __(condition(s) has not been met in this case/exclusion(s) applies to this case)__. We have __(received/uncovered)__ __(briefly describe the evidence received or uncovered that warrants denial of claim)__. Consequently, your __(type claim)__ submission has been declined by __(Name of Insurer)__.

As evidenced by our investigation and the resulting denial of the claim, please be aware that we are now closing this file.

Yours truly,