Request use of Facility again

Business Letter

Dear …

I am writing to you today on behalf of __(Name of Organization)__ to request the use of the __(name of facility)__ facility for the __(term/week/etc.)__ of __(date to date)__. We are all grateful to have had the opportunity in the past to utilize this facility for hosting our __(type of event/program)__ and look to you once again, for your great support of this program.

The __(name of event/program)__ provides __(briefly describe what your organization provides and its benefits)__ to __(type of people)__. Our primary goal is to __(briefly describe the results your organization attempts to achieve with this event)__. We have seen such great results from this __(program/event)__ and wish to continue with its success.

It has been our good fortune to have built a good relationship with __(Name of organization)__and we greatly appreciate your help in making a difference in the lives of __(describe individuals: i.e. these children)__. Your __(type of facility)__ has proven to be __(the perfect environment/a great fit/etc.)__ for this type of __(program/event)__. We remain hopeful that __(Name of our Organization)__ will be able to use it again for this year’s __(name of event/program)__.

Thank you, __(Name)__, for your kind consideration of our request. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.