Inviting a Celebrity to Host your Fundraiser

Business Letter


It is my pleasure to invite you to host our upcoming __(Name of Fundraiser)___ Fundraiser event as our __(Master/Mistress)__ of Ceremonies.

As you may know, __(name of organization)__ is an organization that provides __(describe what the organization provides)__ for the __(type of cause)__. Over the years, we have crossed many milestones in areas such as __(briefly describe the milestones your organization has made)__. Quite often, __(Name of Organization)__ offers the only hope left for __(type of people/abandoned animals/etc.)__. This has enlightened us to just how important our fundraising efforts really are.

The __(Name of Fundraiser)__ Fundraising event will be held on __(date)__ at __(location)__. Our goal is to raise __($amount)__. This money will be used for __(briefly describe the special project or ongoing cause)__. It would be such an honor to us if you would accept this invitation to be our __(master/mistress)__ of Ceremonies. I am certain that you will quite enjoy the __(evening/event/etc)__, __(Name)__, and at the same time your presence will help us to raise a much broader awareness of __(type cause)__, turning this fundraiser into an even greater success.

I thank you in advance for considering supporting this worthy cause by accepting our special invitation. Please feel free to contact me directly at __(phone #)__ if you have and questions or concerns. I look forward to hearing from you soon, __(name)__, and remain hopeful of your decision.