Invite Participants for Fundraising Event

Business Letter


On behalf of __(Name of Organization)__, I am writing to you today to ask for your assistance with our __(Name of fundraising event)__ fundraising event this year. This particular fundraiser features __(type of individuals/competitors/etc. – e.g. highly renowned chefs from …)__ who will __(showcase their -type of- skills/compete for …/etc.)__ in front of thousands of guests. __(Name of fundraising event)__ is a highly celebrated event in __(name of city)__ and we would be pleased to see your organization represented in this __(type of event – e.g. cook off)__ as well. In keeping with that, we are asking you to provide us with the names of your __(type of employees – e.g. top executive chefs)__, which will allow us to send out a special invitation to each them inviting them to participate.

As you may know, __(Name of Organization)__ is an organization that provides __(describe what your organization provides)__ for the __(type of cause)__. We have seen many lives changed over the years through __(describe what the organization does)__, which keeps us well aware of how important our fundraising efforts really are. Our goal this year with our __(type of event – e.g. cook off)__ event is to raise __($amount)__.

We thank you for your willingness to assist us with this and look forward to your early response. In order to process the invitations to these__(type of employees – e.g. top executive chefs)__, we will require a list of their names no later than __(date)__. The list may be forwarded to us by __(posting it to: / emailing it to: /etc.)__. Your help with this is greatly appreciated and we thank you for your support.