Donation to Organization

Business Letter


RE: __(Donation/Pledge)__

There are so many organizations out there actively representing such worthy causes. When looking at it from a global point of view, it can almost be overwhelming. It takes much discernment for anyone to choose which organization to support these days.

Recently, I have spent some time researching __(Name of Organization)__ and have seen more closely what you offer __(optional: to society/others/those in need/etc.)__. I genuinely applaud your efforts. So, therefore, for the year __(year)__, I have chosen __(Name of Organization)__ as an organization I wish to send financial support to.

Please accept my __(donation/pledge/contribution)__ in the amount of __($amount)__. I ask that you kindly forward the tax receipt to: <

br />

__(Street/Box Address)__

__(Address including Zip/Postal Code)__

It genuinely pleases me to contribute to your fine organization this year and I wish you many successes in the future.

Yours sincerely,