Thanks via Donation for Education Received

Business Letter


In __(year)__, I graduated from the __(Type of Program)__ from __(Name of School)__ and since then, have become a successful __(Type of Profession)__ in __(Name of town/city/etc.)__. I quite enjoy my work and feel well-equipped to handle all the __(type of)__ cases that have, so far, been presented to me. Having had a moment recently to reflect on the outstanding education I received from __(Name of School)__, I became motivated to support this excellent __(type of)__ program; for it’s a program that has given me so much.

Therefore, as a token of my appreciation for the standard of education and support I received while attending the __(School & Program type)__, I am delighted to now be able to offer a donation of __($amount)__ towards this program. It is my hope that the enclosed donation will serve to help the current __(type of)__ students attend the very important __(Name of Symposium/etc.)__ scheduled for __(later on this year/next year/ next spring/etc.)__.

__(Name of School’s)__ __(Type of Program), in my opinion, is second to none. I congratulate you all for offering such a fine program and encourage you to maintain those same excellent standards.