Proud to have been Sponsor of Event

Business Letter


We are proud to have been a sponsor of your __(name of event/program/fundraiser)__ this year. It was an honor to have our company name associated with such a

__(prestigious/renowned/worthwhile/noteworthy/etc.) event as this. We were impressed with how well it was put together and on behalf of __(our company name)__, I wish to congratulate all the participants for doing such a fine job.

As a dedicated member of this community, we not only believe in providing the best __(type of service/products)__ available, but we also believe investing in the__(type)__ __(talent/research/field/charities/etc.)__ in our community. It was our privilege to be able to contribute to the overall success of your __(type fundraiser/type program/etc.)__.

Thank you for allowing __(company name)__ to be part of your program this year.