Launch of Innovative Fundraising Program

Business Letter

Dear …

Over the past few years in __(Name of City)__, we’ve seen a growing need for effective rehabilitation programs for people with __(type of condition)__. As you know, __(Name of Organization)__ offers a great opportunity to these people to __(briefly describe what your organization offers to these people – example: regain their dignity by obtaining meaningful work and gainful employment in our community)__. This is achieved through __(briefly describe how it is achieved – example: the personal development programs we offer and our assistance in accessing employment opportunities)__. Our organization provides __(example: solid support for these people in their personal growth, increased social skills, and heightened self-esteem and we have seen tremendous success in reducing the frequency and duration of re-hospitalization)__.

We are finding, however, that each year our operating costs are increasing as the demand for our services increases. As a non-profit organization, we rely wholly on government support and charitable donations for the services we provide. Unfortunately, there has been little funding available from the Government, forcing us to depend more heavily on private charitable donations. This is a continual challenge for us and as a result, our Board of Directors has recently made the decision to take our fundraising efforts in a new direction.

We are currently proceeding with an all encompassing Strategic Plan and Endowment Business Plan which will enable us to request a one-time donation from supporters. These donations will be utilized in such a way as to provide indefinite funding to our organization, thereby exempting us from having to initiate fundraising campaigns repeatedly. Please allow me to explain. Our goal is to launch a massive fundraising project, utilizing the services of __(Name of Company)__, a venture capitalist, over a __(length of time)__ period of time. The substantial funds raised from this fundraising project will be converted to “endowment” assets. Income then generated from these assets will provide enough annual revenue to sustain our operating budget on an on-going basis. Utilizing the skills of a venture capitalist is a new approach to fundraising for non-profit organizations and we are looking to it with great confidence and enthusiasm.

Our next step is to raise __($amount)__, which will provide the adequate funding to get this new fundraising model launched in conjunction with the Strategic Plan. As someone who has been an encouragement and a support to __(Name of Organization)__ in the past, this letter has been sent to you to ask for your support in helping us bring this dream to reality. We thank you for considering a contribution to this worthy cause and remain hopeful of your support. If you have any questions, or wish to have a discussion about this project, please feel free to contact __(Name)__, __(Title)__ at __(Phone #)__.

Yours truly,

__(Your Name)__, __(Title)__

__(Name of Organization)__

Encl: Return envelope - (Donations payable to: __________________)

Charity Number: xxxxxxxxxxxx