Opening free Essential Service

Business Letter

Dear …

I am writing to the __(leaders of our business community/local foundations/etc.)__ today on behalf of __(name of organization)__. Our organization will soon be opening a __(type of shelter/clinic/etc.)__ __ to offer free __(briefly describe service)__. We have seen a real need for this in our community and will be offering __(type of aid)__aid to those who otherwise would not be able to __(briefly describe what they would be able to do)__.

One of situations we have recently encountered is the __(briefly describe situation/project)__. As a __(type of organization)__ organization, we are compelled to offer __(support/aide/help/etc.)__ to these people as best we can. More often than not, we are their only hope. The first primary goal of our project will be to__(briefly describe the first primary function)__.

Some of the other __(goals/projects/etc.)__ that we will be looking at down the road include:

  1. (list goal/project/etc.)
  2. (list goal/project/etc.)
  3. (list goal/project/etc.)

Our present objective is to raise __($amount)__, which will provide us with the adequate funding to __(briefly explain what the funding will allow you to do)__. We are asking the __(leaders of our business community/local foundations/etc.)__ for their support. All donations to __(name of organization)__ are tax deductible and a Tax Receipt will be issued immediately upon receipt of your donation. We thank you for your support. Every bit will help.

We have included a return envelope for you to send your contribution with ease and convenience. Thank you for your kind consideration.