Monetary & Other Donations - Support New Program

Business Letter

Dear …

As you may know, the primary goal of __(Name of Organization)__ is to __(briefly describe the results your organization attempts to achieve)__. Over the past few years we have seen a growing need for a __(briefly describe need)__ __(in our community)__ because of __(briefly describe why)__. Our organization is now stepping up to fill that __(gap/need/etc.)__ by offering __(briefly describe what your new program is)__.

Unfortunately, our regular funding is not able to support this new program, hence, we are reaching out to the business community for additional help. We are asking you to become part of this __(exciting/amazing/state-of-the-art/etc.)__ new program that __(briefly describe what it will do - i.e. offers hope to....)__, by offering a donation to __(Name of Organization)__. This donation may be in form of __(a monetary donation, media/advertisement donation/or even a (type of) sponsorship/etc.)__.

Every contribution we receive is greatly appreciated and all monetary donations are tax deductible. As our way of thanking you for your support in this __(type of program)__ program, we are pleased to announce that your corporate name will be publicized in all our __(programs, brochures/etc.)__ over the next __(length of time)__. If you have any questions, or wish to have a discussion on how your organization can help us to successfully launch this new __(type of program)__ program, we invite you to contact us at __(phone #)__

Thank you for considering a contribution to this project. We hope to hear from you soon and remain hopeful of your support.