Responding with a donation

Business Letter

Dear …

Re: Request for Donation

We are in receipt of your recent request for a donation in support of your __(type of cause)__. __(Name of their Organization)__ provides such a __(wonderful/worthwhile/etc.)__ service to __(those in need/our children/etc.)__, and we are happy to offer our donation of __($amount/type of item/etc.)__. Please __(find enclosed our check in the amount of __($amount)__/feel free to pick up the __(name of item)__ at your convenience/advise us of the date you desire commencement of the __(type)__ service/etc.)__.

Funding seems to be a common challenge faced by some of our most worthy community organizations. Donation drives and fundraising events become an ongoing way of life for them. As a member of this community, __(Name of Organization)__ tries to be as supportive as possible and we hope that you will find our donation to be helpful.

On behalf of __(name of company)__ please allow me to commend all __(your team members/staff/all the participants of…/etc.)__ for doing such a fine job. It is impressive how well (briefly describe what they do well)__. We wish you continued success __(in the upcoming year/with your type fundraising event/project/etc.)__.