Scholarship Award - check enclosed

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: __(Name of Scholarship)__ Scholarship

It is our honor and privilege to present to you, on behalf of the __(name of foundation)__, the __(Name of Scholarship)__ Scholarship, represented by the enclosed check in the amount of __($amount)__. This generous scholarship is a real blessing to all recipients of it and we are delighted to be included in presenting the check to you.

The following criteria is met by all recipients of the __(name of Scholarship)__ Scholarship:

  1. __ (briefly describe criteria #1)__
  2. __ (briefly describe criteria #2)__
  3. __ (briefly describe criteria #3)__

You have been specifically chosen to be awarded with this Scholarship, __(Name)__, and we want to extend our warmest congratulations to you! We wish you great success with your future education and chosen career field. All the best to you!