Letter of Acceptance for Property Transfer

Business Letter

Dear …

Please allow this letter to serve as written confirmation of __(Name of Organization’s)__ interest in __(purchasing/acquiring/)__ the property as described below:

Description of Property:


As discussed with you, we see this property being utilized as __(briefly describe what it will be used for)__, which turns out to be a good match for our __(type of)__ needs. It is a timely acquisition in that we __(are just entering into our…./were just about to..../etc.)__. This works perfectly into our plans and we __(thank you/are grateful/etc.)__ for your offer to __(sell/donate)__ this __(type of property)__ to __(Name of Organization)__.

We ask you to proceed with this transaction and are looking forward to receiving transfer of title __(on/by date/soon/etc.)__.

Yours truly,