Thanks - Donation in Memory of Deceased

Business Letter

Dear …

On behalf of __(Name of Organization)__, please accept our thanks for your generous donation given in memory of __(Name/your loved one)__. We sincerely believe that this is one of the finest ways to honor the memory of one who has passed before us. With gratitude we __(enclose/attach)__ your Tax Receipt for this gift.

Donations help to fund __(type of cause/project/etc. - example: the research still needed to find a cure for....)__. Our __(ability efforts are/etc.)__ further aided by every gift we receive and we thank you for helping us to move closer to our goal of __(briefly describe goal - i.e. curing _type of disease_)__. For more information on how donations to __(Name of Organization)__ make a difference, we invite you to visit our website at __(URL)__.

Once again, thank you for contributing to __(Name of Organization)__ in honor of __(Name’s/your loved one’s)__ memory. It was an admirable gesture on your part and we so greatly appreciate the support.

Yours truly,