Announce Can No Longer Offer Particular Product

Business Letter

Dear …

__(We are/I am/)__ sending out this notification to inform you that effective __(date/immediately)__, __(Name of Company)__ will no longer be able to offer__(type of product)__ as part of our product line. Regrettably, recent changes to government regulations is now preventing us from supplying our customers with __(type of product)__. We realize that this may pose a real inconvenience to you and, therefore, we offer up a suggestion that you contact __(Name and phone # of third party)__ to see if they are in a position to help you out in this area.

Our commitment to you, our valued customer, remains intact with respect to our other products and we continue to strive to provide you with the highest level of service. Please don’t hesitate to contact __(us/me)__ if you have any questions or comments about this announcement. __(We’d /I’d)__ welcome an opportunity to talk with you about it.

Thank you for all your business support over the years, __(Name)__. It has been our pleasure to be of service to you and we look forward to a continued mutually beneficial relationship.