Cancelling Services From Customer

Business Letter

Dear …

__(Name of Organization)__ has been offering __(type of service)__ to __(customers/clients)__ for __(#)__ years now. Our __(type of staff members)__ are all highly trained to help __(customers/clients)__ with their __(briefly describe what they do)__, efficiently and professionally. We take pride in providing our __(customers/clients)__ with first-rate service.

When a __(customer/client)__ contracts our services, they place themselves under obligation to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. __(Briefly describe what is expected of customer)__
  2. __(Briefly describe what is expected of customer)__
  3. __(Briefly describe what is expected of customer)__
  4. __(Briefly describe what is expected of customer)__

We cannot be held accountable for not performing our professional duty if our __(customers/clients)__ fail to fulfill their obligations as outlined above. In your case, we repeatedly requested __(briefly describe what you were requesting)__ to no avail. You were simply negligent in responding to our requests until it was too late. It is extremely distressful when this type of situation occurs and, therefore, we have made the decision that we will no longer __(act/represent you/etc.)__ as your __(type of professional)__. We pride ourselves as professionals at __(Name of Organization)__ and care to deal only with those people who, in turn, are willing to cooperate with us.

Effective immediately, we ask you to __(consult with another___/take your business elsewhere/find another ___ who is willing to…/etc.)__. Indeed, it is regrettable that this is the recourse we have had to take, but your lack of sense of urgency; your indifference to our repeated requests has left us with no alternative. __(Please find enclosed/You may pick up at our office/etc.)__ all the documentation you previously left with us.

Yours truly,