We’ll work it out

Love Letter

My dear ...

At the beginning it all seemed so perfect. Do you remember? I couldn’t believe I found someone like you. I felt a love for you that I never thought possible. You showed me true love...a genuine honest and deep sense of caring love. We were carefree and happy.

Over the last while, we have been through a lot. We have seen our carefree world disrupted. We’ve been through times that were so difficult for us it’s a wonder that we are still together. Yet we are still together and we still love each other, maybe even more than before.

I understand and accept there will be times when our individual differences may make us wonder about the wisdom of our decisions, but surely if we genuinely feel the way we say we do, then we can overcome all else. I know we have had disagreements and hurt feelings, but throughout it all, the good and bad, my feelings for you have never diminished.

I just want to tell you that you mean the world to me despite everything that has happened between us. Nothing will ever change the way I feel for you. I love you so deeply. You still inspire me, you are still my best friend and I still want to spend eternity with you. I know our love will conquer all.

Lovingly yours,