Terminating Services from Customer

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Termination of Services

We wish to take this opportunity to inform you that __(Name of Company)__ has been offering __(type of service)__ to customers for __(#)__ years now. Our customers are provided with first-rate service, which is why our business continues to thrive. At this time, we wish to point out to you again that there are two different service programs we offer:

  1. When a __(customer/client)__ enters into a __(type of Agreement)__ with __(Name of Company)__, we provide the following services:

    - __(Briefly describe what you offer under this Agreement)__

    - __(Briefly describe what you offer under this Agreement)__

    - __(Briefly describe what you offer under this Agreement)__
  2. For those customers who choose not to enter into a __(type of Agreement)__, the terms of service differs considerably. In these cases, the customer’s__(type of request)__ request is placed into a project queue and our response time to that request is then determined by the number of projects ahead of it, up to a maximum wait time of __(#)__ of business days. When the work is completed, these customers are billed for each hour of service rendered, in addition to any parts that were provided.

Please allow us to remind you that you had specifically declined to enter into a __(type of Agreement)__, with __(Name of Company)__ and, therefore, we were not able to provide you with the kind of service a __(type of Agreement)__ would afford you. It is regrettable that despite your knowledge of this, you would not accept the alternative terms of service when you called us with your latest __(type of request)__request. In keeping with that, and with reference to our recent discussions, please allow this letter to serve as confirmation that effective __(immediately/date)__, __(Name of Company)__ will no longer be providing __(type of service)__ to __(Name of Customer’s Company)__.

We also wish to remind you that we have still not received payment for Invoice__(#)__ in the amount of __($amount)__, which has been has been outstanding since __(date)__. As this work was performed in good faith, in turn we expect payment to be made in good faith. Thank you for your timely attention to this matter.

Yours truly,