Announce New Employee

Business Letter

Dear …

We are pleased to announce the newest member to join our team, __(Name)__, who will be taking on the position of __(type of position)__ in our organization. __(Name)__ comes to us from __(name of company), where __(he/she)__ held a __(type of position)__ position that was responsible for __(briefly highlight role)__ . We look forward working with __(him/her)__ and to the value __(his/her)__ experience will add to our __(organization or division name)__.

__(Name’s)__ role in __(your company name)__ will be to __(describe main focus of the role)__. __(He/She)__ will be in charge of __( project/team/dep’t name)__ and will be responsible for __(describe a primary responsibility)__. For this reason __(he/she)__ will report directly to __(me or Name)__.

Please join us in welcoming __(Name)__ to __(your company name)__ and in wishing __(him/her)__ every success with our company.