Welcome/Thanks for Attending Banquet

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: __(Name of Banquet)__

On behalf of __(name of organization)__, please allow me to extend to you a warm __(thanks/welcome and thank you)__ for attending the __(Name of banquet)__ banquet. It __(is/was)__ great to see you __(here/there)__ in support of __(briefly explain what the banquet was about)__. We really hope that you __(enjoy/enjoyed)__ yourself.

These __(type of banquets)__ are occasionally held to offer an opportunity to __(briefly describe why you put on these banquets)__. There is a great deal of thought and effort that goes into these banquets to ensure __(briefly describe what you hope to achieve with the banquet)__. It is our hope that those we invite find them both enjoyable and valuable.

__(Here you can give brief instructions or a timetable if applicable)__.

Once again, thank you joining us at the __(name of banquet)__ banquet. We __(are/were)__ delighted to see you __(here/there)__.