Raising rates - Retirement Home

Business Letter

Dear …

Over the last __(year/few years)__ we have seen the various costs of running this __(type of lodge/home/facility)__ facility increasing significantly. We are aware of rising costs everywhere and constantly make adjustments wherever we can, to keep the costs to our patrons down. With this year’s budget, however, we have found that in order to maintain our standard of service to our guests, we have no alternative but to increase our rates.

Effective, __(date)__ your __(monthly/annual)__ rate will be increased to __($)__. We ask that you please__(complete the attached Pre-authorization Form/provide us with Post-dated Checks/etc.)__ to cover this increase. Please ensure that your __(Form/ Post-dated checks/etc.)__ is/are completed and __(dropped off/mailed)__ to our office no later than __(date)__.

It is always difficult to have to inform our patrons when a rate increase is necessary. Your comfort is the primary focus of our facility and we always endeavor to provide the best service possible. We can no longer keep our rates where they are currently, without compromising our level of service. We hope that you can appreciate our position in this situation.

Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to providing you with a continued healthy, safe and enjoyable environment to live in.