Response to Customer’s Request to Reduce Price

Business Letter

Dear …

Over the last __(# years)__, __(Name of Organization)__ has managed to keep its prices competitive despite the ever-rising costs of running this __(company/hotel/etc.)__. We believe that even in today’s world, we remain quite competitive for what we offer to our __(customers/guests/etc.)__. Though occasionally we receive requests such as yours, requesting a reduction in our pricing, we must make you aware that there is often little or no room at all to move within the prices we charge.

We ask you to keep in mind that our __(company/hotel/etc.)__ offers many value-added services such as:

  1. __(briefly describe added value service)__
  2. __(briefly describe added value service)__
  3. __(briefly describe added value service)__
  4. __(briefly describe added value service)__

As you can surmise, __(Name of Organization)__ incurs additional costs in order to bring these __(extras/luxuries/etc.)__ to its __(customers/guests/clients)__. Naturally, we must build those costs into the price of our __(type of service)__. Whether we like it or not, economics dictate the prices we charge; same as any other business.

So, in response to your request to reduce the __(type of product/service)__ price, __(we regret to advise you that we are unable to accommodate you in this way / the best we can offer is a small discount of __% /etc.)__. Again, I must reiterate that our prices currently remain quite competitive __(globally)__. They are very reasonable when compared to equivalent __(type of)__ services.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter, __(Mr./Mrs./Ms. Name)__. As we continue to offer the highest level of service, we look forward to your continued patronage.

Sincerely yours,