Request a Proposal/Bid

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Requesting __(Proposal/Bid)__

__(Name of company)__ has been in business for __(#)__ years now and we are further expanding our operations by __(briefly describe how your operations are being expanded)__. As of __(month/year)__, we are taking on a __(type of project)__ and therefore, will require the services of a __(type)__ company to provide us with __(type of services)__.

This project is very important to us which is why we have solicited bids from a number of __(quality/professional)__ __(suppliers/service providers)__ such as (their company name). I have enclosed a specification sheet for your convenience and reference. In addition to the requirements outlined in there, you should be aware that all evaluations of bids will be heavily weighing the following points:

  1. __(list point… i.e. quality of service/product)__
  2. __(list point… i.e. exceptional communications)__
  3. __(list point… i.e. price)__

All bids/proposals must be received in our office no later than __(date)__. We want to ensure and prompt, fair and efficient review of all proposals and that can only be accomplished if we receive the bids on time. Please be advised that no extensions will be granted.

If you need any help with the specifications, or have questions about any part of the __(bidding/proposal)__ process, please call me directly at __(phone #). I thank you in advance for providing your __(bid/proposal)__ to us in a timely manner.

Yours truly,