Recommend Student to a College1

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Recommendation for __(First & Last Name)__

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for__(first & last name)__. Over the past __(#)__ years, I have had the fortunate opportunity to get to know __(him/her)__ as a __(student/participant/etc.)__ in my __(type of course/school/class – example:

skiing/riding/rowing)__. During __(his/her type career/the time I spent with him/her -etc.)__, I watched __(Name)__ grow and evolve into a fine young __(man/woman)__. __(He/She)__ has adopted good habits over the years and has built quality characteristics. I find __(him/her)__ to be a __(briefly list some quality characteristics – example: conscientious, bright, kind, professional, caring and hard-working/etc.)__ individual.

Someone with such a healthy attitude is refreshing to have around and a delight to teach. Along with __(his/her)__ friendly and outgoing personality, __(Name)__ has a real passion for __(life/learning/etc.)__. __(He/She)__ is a very intelligent and ambitious individual who appears to be well liked by others. Always seeking to excel at whatever __(he/she)__ does, __(Name)__ demonstrates a high degree of maturity and responsibility.

I believe that __(he/she)__ deserves serious consideration as a candidate for enrollment in __(College/University)__. There is no doubt in my mind that __(name)__ will prove __ to be an outstanding student and I wish __(him/her)__ all the best.