Recommendation to Medicine Residency Program

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Letter of Recommendation for (Name) - __(Type)__ Program

It is my pleasure to provide you with a Letter of Recommendation for__(first & last name)__. It is at __(name of organization)__ that I had the opportunity to get to know __(Name)__ as __(my under-study/an intern/etc.)__. I worked with __(him/her)__ for __(# weeks/months/years)__ and throughout the period of time __(he/she)__ __(studied/worked-- under/with/for)__ me, I found __(him/her)__ to be a very a conscientious and intelligent individual.

__(Name)__ shows that __(he/she)__ is quite enthused about __(his/her)__ career in the field of medicine and strives for accuracy in all that __(he/she does)__. __(He/She)__ catches on quickly and has a passion for greater knowledge in this field. I have observed that __(he/she)__ takes the time required to research cases that __(he/she)__ is unfamiliar with in order to ensure accuracy in __(his/her)__ diagnosis. __(He/she)__ works well in a team environment and is able to maintain a level head in emergency situations.

In addition to __(his/her)__ excellent scholastic accomplishments, __(Name)__ has proven __(his/her)__ __(type of ability)__ ability by __(briefly describe a couple of outstanding performance achievements)__. __(He/She)__ performs well in a __(type of situation)__ and accepts and has a positive attitude towards all duties assigned to __(him,/her)__. I have also seen __(name)__ demonstrate genuine compassion towards those patients in __(his/her)__ care; the mark of a fine physician.

I have no doubt that __(he/she)__ will serve the field of medicine exceptionally well. It is my strong belief that __(Name)__ will add valuable contributions to the field of medicine and I highly recommend __(him/her)__ for the __(type of program)__.