Recommend Employee to Graduate School/College

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Recommendation for __(First & Last Name)__ for __(Type)__ Program

It is my pleasure to recommend __(first & last name)__ for your __(type)__ program at__(name of school). I have known __(first name)__ since __(month/year)__, which is when __(he/she)__ began __(his/her)__ employment here at __(name of organization)__. Working with __(first name)__ as __(his/her)__ supervisor, I always found __(him/her)__ to be a very conscientious employee who consistently produces excellent results. __(He/She)__ is an individual who exercises good judgment in __(his/her)__ approach to all __his/her__ tasks.

__(First name)__ has a pleasant demeanor and has demonstrated that __(he/she)__ is a team player, willing to take on new responsibilities whenever needed. Over the past __(#)__ __(months/years)__ I have noted that __(he/she)__ has an insatiable thirst for knowledge, trying to find out as much as __(he/she)__ can about the various departments of our organization and the __(products/services)__ that we offer. I found that __(he/she)__ continually looks for new tasks that __(he/she)__ can take on, not only to challenge __(himself/herself)__ but to also offer vital contribution to the team.

__(Name)__ is a bright and ambitious individual who displays a high degree of integrity and responsibility. I believe that __(he/she)__ deserves serious consideration for acceptance in your __(type)__ program. Without hesitation, I strongly recommend __(first name)__, believing that __(he/she)__ will prove to be one of your outstanding students.

It was a pleasure to have had __(name)__ on my team and I sincerely wish __(him/her)__ the best __(his/her)__ future has to offer.