Why do I hurt the one I love?

Love Letter

My dear ...

Why do I hurt you so when I love you so much? I’m so very sorry for upsetting you __(today/last night/yesterday)__. I just want you to know that my moods are not aimed at you. It’s just that I’m so natural and real with you that I feel comfortable in letting out my frustrations of the day in front of you.

Please understand that I am not trying to take out my frustrations on you and I certainly don’t want to upset you. I’m just trying to share with you how I feel, so that you can help me understand things from your perspective, and maybe help me solve my problems. I trust you and respect your opinions.

Thank you for trying to understand these moods swings of mine and for letting me be so free with you. You mean everything to me __(Name)__. I never want to hurt you...I only want to love you. You are my world.

Loving you always,