Recommendation for Employee’s Acceptance to School

Business Letter

Dear …

Re: Letter of Recommendation for __(Name)__

I take pleasure in writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of__(first & last Name)__. I have known __(first Name)__ for __(# years)__ through __(briefly describe how you know this individual)__. Over the years, I found __(first Name)__ to be both a loyal and dependable employee. __(He/She)__ repetitively __(demonstrates/demonstrated)__ that __(he/she)__ is very responsible. __(Name)__ is a hard worker and one possesses good values.

__(I know/I’ve known)__ __(Name)__ to be an ambitious yet conscientious individual. In addition to __(his/her)__ excellent work ethics, __(first Name)__ has shown that __(he/she)__ is very passionate about __(type of field or cause)__. The __(type of work/projects)__ I’ve seen __(from him/her / that he’s/she’s worked on/ etc.)__ shows __(Name’s)__ passion for __(type of work)__. It is more than evident to me that __(he/she)__ has a real talent for __(type of work)__.

__(Name)__ is also person of pleasant demeanor who retains a great positive outlook on life. __(He’s/She’s)__ an intelligent individual who seeks excellence in all that __(he/she)__ does. Some of __(his/her)__ other accomplishments outside the work environment that I am aware of, include __(briefly describe projects where his/her efforts have made a difference)__.

There is no doubt in my mind __(first and last Name)__ will add considerable value to the field of __(type of field)__ in the future. My belief is that __(he/she)__ will one day become an exceptional __(type of career position)__ and, therefore, I would highly recommend __(his/her)__ acceptance into__(the type of program)__.