Announcement of Restaurant Liquor License

Business Letter

Dear …

It is our pleasure to announce to you that __(name of restaurant)__ has now received its __(liquor/spirits)__ license. We are delighted to be able to offer __(wine/beer/cocktails/etc.)__ to enhance your dining experience with us. This is great news for us as we move ahead with our goal to offer you the best so that your experience at our restaurant is always a pleasant one.

With the wide selection of choices found on our delectable menu, you can easily satisfy any palate. Our chef offers the finest in __(type)__ cuisine, ensuring your entrée is always deliciously prepared to perfection. Having our new __(liquor/spirits)__ license in place, affords us the pleasure of offering to you, a cocktail with your appetizer, wine with your dinner and that liqueur to relax with at the end of your meal. We welcome you to join us again at __(name of restaurant)__ to relax and enjoy a wonderful dinner.

Please feel free to __(call us at __(phone #)__ anytime to make your reservation/drop in anytime/etc.)__. And don’t hesitate to invite your guests along too to share your enjoyable dining experience. We look forward to seeing you soon!