Selling a Division of your Company

Business Letter

Dear …

Today __(Name of Company’s)__ is announcing the sale of the __(type of division/service/etc.)__ of our company effective __(date)__. Considerable thought has gone into this decision and we believe selling this area of our company will give us the opportunity to extend our focus on the __(type)__ part of our business. We believe our customers will benefit from this restructuring as we continue to grow our expertise in __(type)__ business.

The new owner of the __(type of division/service/etc.)__ is __(name/name of company)__, who will be taking over this __(type service)__ operation effective __(date)__. __(They are/ he/she is)__ very competent in the area of __(type service)__ with __(#)__ of years experience behind __(him/her/them)__. It was important for us to sell this portion of our business to someone that we are assured will look after our customers well. We are confident that you will find __(name/company)__ to be very professional and service oriented.

Thank you for your __(type)__ business support over the years. It has been our pleasure to have been of service to you. We now look forward to a continued relationship with you providing you with the expertise for all your __(type)__ needs.