Request Modification to Building Regulations

Business Letter


RE: Building __(Code/Regulations)__ - Modification Request

I wish to bring to your attention a condition that currently exists with the __(building/construction of a new building/etc.)__ at location: __(address)__. This concerns the being in compliance with __(Building Code/Regulations)__, specifically with Section __(#)__ of the __(Code/Regulations)__, wherein it states, “__(Quote verbatim the text in that section)__.” Regrettably, it is impossible for __(me/us)__ to conform to this particular __(code/regulation)__ with this building, due to __(briefly describe why it is impossible to meet the code/regulation: e.g. - the limited resources offered by the Fire Department that responds to the City/County of… At present, they offer only…)__.

As you are likely aware, __(I do not/my company does not/Name of Company does not)__ participate in the governing of __(type of service: e.g. - Fire and Rescue)__ in this __(city/area/etc.)__, which puts __(me/us)__ in a very difficult situation right now with trying to adhere to this particular part of the __(Code/Regulations)__. In that __(I/We)__ have no control, whatsoever, over the policies of the __(Name of Services Department)__, __(I/we)__ do hereby request that Section __(#)__ of the __(Building Code/Regulations)__, be modified in this special case to give allowances for the situation as outlined.

__(I/We)__ thank you for taking the time to review this matter and look forward to your reply soon.

Yours truly,