Warning to Parents - Inadequate Nutrition for Children

Business Letter

Dear ...

RE: Nutrition for School Children

We have noted that your __(child/children)__ __(has/have)__ been daily attending __(name of School)__ without money to purchase food for __(breakfast/lunch/etc.)__. Please be reminded that the__(canteen/cafeteria/etc.)__ in this school is not sponsored by a Government program and, therefore, is not in a financial position to continue to provide food to your __(child/children)__ for free and gratis. We wish to make you aware that when you send your __(child is/children are)__ to school without providing them with a__(breakfast/bagged lunch/etc.)__, or money to buy __(breakfast/lunch)__, you are in essence forcing __(him/her/them)__ to go without food for the day.

For obvious reasons, this cannot be allowed to occur. Please be advised that if this situation with your __(child/children)__ is not immediately remedied, we will be left with no other alternative but to report it to __(name of department – i.e. Child and Family Services)__ for investigation. We know that you agree your __(child needs/children need)__ proper nourishment, so we ask that you kindly rectify the situation at once.

We thank you for giving this matter your immediate attention and genuinely hope that it will be resolved without further incident.

Yours truly,