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Love Letter

Dear …

I am so sorry to hear your news about losing your job. It can be really difficult to go through something like this. I know because I’ve gone through it myself. But even so, all is not lost. Try to keep a positive mind about things because one thing is for sure; when one door closes in life, another door always opens. And you will probably be far better off in the new job you are going to land than you were in the old one.

I have a feeling that you will not be out of work for very long, __(Name)__. You are a very intelligent person. Someone who is dedicated and would do a good job no matter what type of work you do. I suspect that any employer would be lucky to have you working for them.

Right from the beginning of our emails, I knew there was something very special about you. You sound like such a wonderful person and I’ll just bet there’s a really good job out there that’s just been specially waiting for you. Therefore, it’s likely that the very reason this job had to be left behind is for you to move on to better opportunity. So don’t lose hope, __(Name)__. Good things are just ahead for you!

Warmest wishes,