Cover Letter for Grant Application

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: __(Name of grant)__ - Grant Application

Please find enclosed our application for a __(Name of grant)__ grant. __(Name of organization)__ has been offering __(type of services)__ in the __(name of community )__ for __(#)__ years. We are a company in good standing and currently support __(#)__ employees. Some of the __(programs/services/etc.)__ that we offer include: __(briefly list the programs/services)__ in place)__. While these __(programs/services)__ are significant to the role of our organization in the community, we believe the timing is right now to extend the services we offer into __(type of new area you are entering)__.

The grant monies we are applying for would be allocated to implementing the following program(s):

  1. (list program)
  2. (list program)

On behalf of __(name of organization)__, I thank you in advance for your kind consideration of the requested grant.