In Support of Grant for Rehabilitation Programs

Business Letter

Dear …

__(Name of organization)__ has been offering __(type of services)__ in the __(name of community )__ for __(#)__ years. Having worked with a number of repeat offenders, members of this organization and in those in the court systems, are of the belief that a greater emphasis on rehabilitation should placed in the __(type)__ process.

In many cases it has been noted, that without the proper counseling and rehabilitation of offenders, one criminal offense often leads to another. Particularly in the cases of __(list type of offenses that are often related)__. There are a number of situations, for example, where a __(type)__ offender has been convicted of __(type)__ offense and shortly after __(serving his/her sentence/completing a probation program)__ is convicted again, of a __(type of offence)__ charge.

Some of the other programs that currently draw on the organization’s funding include: __(briefly list the programs in place)__. While these programs play a significant role in __(briefly describe what the programs are relevant to)__, we are still seeing a rise in offenders who host a series of other convictions on their record. As a __(type of organization)__ organization, it would make reasonable sense to offer __(counseling/rehabilitation/etc.)__ programs to these people. More often than not, a rehabilitation program is the only hope in breaking the habitual criminal chain for an offender.

The grant monies would be allocated to implementing the following programs:

  1. (list program)
  2. (list program)
  3. (list program)

With rehabilitation programs such as these in place for the __(name of community)__ community, we can start to make some progress with helping these habitual offenders get back on the right track.

On behalf of __(name of organization)__, I thank you in advance for your kind consideration of the requested grant.


************* The signatures of those below serve as verification of agreement to the statements made in this letter and to their support of the grant requested by __(name of organization)__.

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