Response to person’s skeptical email

Love Letter

Dear ...

Thank you for your reply. I am truly sorry to hear about your misfortunes and to learn of how your heart has been terribly scathed. I know that life can throw some terrible pain and disappointments at us and it seems that no one is exempt from it. It appears that what we perceive to be a beautiful rose garden is, in fact, filled with thorns.

But alas, if you don’t risk anything, you risk even more. Not everyone, my dear, is evil, self-centered and selfish. There really are beautiful velvety roses amongst those thorns in that garden, if you are willing to take the risk and enter in. It seems to me that the biggest tragedy of all in life comes when we close the door to potential love because of a past that we can’t let go of.

I know how easy it is to paint everyone with the same brush when we are hurting. And though it is not easy, we must try to be able to move on from those pains, allowing life lessons to be accepted as just that, life’s lessons. We have to be able to move on without harboring ill feelings towards everyone of whom we “think” might possibly hurt us. That really is the only way to remain healthy in heart, mind and spirit in this world.

I was really drawn to you, __(name)__, with what you wrote in your profile. You seem like such a wonderful person. I have to admit that I was discouraged to receive your email. I can only hope that one day you will be able to see past the pain in your heart and soul, and allow yourself to once again, enter the rose garden to find your true love.

Most sincerely,