Public Information Request

Business Letter


RE: __(Type of Public Information you are seeking)__

In an attempt to __(briefly explain what you are attempting to accomplish with this information)__, I have recently reviewed the public information records at __(Name of Public Information Organization)__, as they relate to __(type of information)__. What I have found, is that the information accessible is limited only to __(briefly explain the degree of limited info provided. - example: the aggregate amounts per…)__. The actual breakdown of __(type of breakdown per…)__ is not available to the public through __(Name of Public Information Organization)__.

In accordance with the __(name of Governing Act)__, I understand that all __(briefly describe who is required to submit the info.)__ are required to submit this type of detailed information __(on an annual basis)__ to __(Name of Organization originally dispensing the info. - i.e. Ministry of ….)__, who then makes it available to the public. Perhaps the level of information that I am referring to, is provided only upon direct written request to __(Name of Organization originally dispensing the info. - i.e. Ministry of ….)__. If that is the case, please then accept this as my formal written request to your department requesting that I be provided with the following information:

• __(List precisely the information you are requesting)__

It is my hope that this can be easily resolved and I thank you for your response to my request. Kindly forward the information to: __(address)__. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours truly,