Additional Staff Member Suggestion

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Additional Staff Member

Over the past __(length of time)__ I have noticed deficiencies in this __(branch/office /facility)__ that seem to be causing great frustration with our __(customers/executives/production team/etc.)__. I think it’s time to address it. As the __(type of position)__ in this office, I have observed __(brief describe what you have observed)__. This problem is causing __(briefly describe – i.e. such customer dissatisfaction that some of our customers have actually moved their business from our organization)__.

__(Briefly describe how this is affecting the branch/facility – i.e.. Revenue at this branch/Productivity at this facility/etc.)__ is being negatively affected by the lack of staff to __(briefly describe the function )__ properly.

I believe we’ve reached a point where our staffing resources must be reviewed. Though we currently are still able to maintain __(briefly describe the function of the office)__, we no longer have the staffing resources to fulfill our __(type of function)__ requirements. This function, though at first glance may appear low in priority, has a definite impact on our __(briefly describe the main reason it is important)__.

Therefore, I am suggesting that we __(hire/contract)__ a __(type of person)__ to fill this gap. For an additional overhead cost of __($amount)__ per __(month/year)__, this will ensure that we no longer experience __(decreasing revenues/an interruption to our productivity/etc.)__ due to a __(type of situation)__. A new __(type of position)__ on staff would offer __(briefly describe the benefits)__.

Thank you for your consideration of this suggestion. I look forward to hearing from you soon and remain hopeful of your decision.

Respectfully yours,