Proposal for Additional Staff

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Additional __(Type of Staffing)__ Recommendation

As you know, our __(type of division)__ has now been operational for __(# months/years)__. Over that length of time we have seen a significant increase in __(briefly describe what has increased)__. In the past __(length of time)__ alone, we have seen the number of __(cases/service calls/etc.)__ __(double/triple/increase by __%/etc.)__. Currently, we are averaging __(number)__ of __(cases/service calls/etc.)__ per __(type of position)__ on a __(daily/monthly/etc.)__ basis.

This volume of __(cases/service calls/etc.)__ has been increasingly taxing on our existing __(number)__ __(type of staff members)__ and I believe that the appropriate time has come to add another __(type of position)__ to our __(team/division/etc.)__. I am proposing, therefore, the creation of another __(type of position)__, which will more reasonably balance the load of __(cases heard by/service calls for/etc.)__ each of our __(type of positions)__. Based on the growth of __(cases/service calls/etc.)__ we’ve seen over the past __(length of time)__, I am projecting that __(new number)__ active __(type of positions)__ should be able to accommodate future growth for a period of __(length of time)__.

In the __(caseload/service call/etc.)__ allocation process, the complexity of each new __(case/service call/etc.)__ is first determined before it’s allocated to a __(type of position)__. Therefore, I believe that we can limit our costs for this additional position by bringing on a new __(type of position)__ with specific qualifications. In the attached Schedule of Costs you will find detailed, all the projected costs associated with my recommendations. Kindly review this and contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

I want to thank you for taking the time to consider this proposal and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours truly,