Proposing Promotional Campaign

Business Letter

Dear …

After seeing the effects of the current economic times and the direction the __(type of )__ industry has taken, I have come up with an innovative idea to promote business. This campaign essentially would cost our __(company/bank/etc.)__ __($amount)__ and could potentially yield profits of __(___%)__. The premise behind the proposed promotional campaign is __(briefly describe the principle behind it…the overall reason why you believe this will work)__.

There are __(number)__ key steps to ensuring the success this program, which are as follows:

  1. __(briefly describe step number 1 – i.e. assessment of requirements of the one(s) to partner with, logistics/etc.)__
  2. __(briefly describe step number 2 – i.e. run the campaign as a seasonal promotion to create sense of urgency to potential customers.)__
  3. __(briefly describe step number 3 – i.e. follow up every (frequency) to ensure its effectiveness)__

Currently, the __(type of)__ industry is __(briefly describe what the problem is – i.e. viewed unfavorably by the public because….)__. In particular, our branch has faced __(briefly describe challenges experienced)__. I believe that the implementation of a program such as this will start to change __(briefly describe what it will change – i.e. the way the public views our branch/bank and the industry as a whole )__. It’s time that we do something proactive to turn this __(briefly state the problem – i.e. negative view)__ around.

Rollout of the proposed promotional campaign would look like this:

  1. __(first step of implementation)__
  2. __(second step of implementation)__
  3. __(third step of implementation)__
  4. __(fourth step of implementation)
  5. __(fifth step of implementation)__

In addition to increasing the sales of __(type of products)__, I see this promotion as an opportunity to up-sell and cross-sell. We can use it to our advantage to build stronger relationships with our customers __(and bridge the gap that has been created)__.

Thank you for your time to review and consider my proposal. I look forward to hearing from you soon and remain hopeful of your approval and support.

Respectfully yours,