Proposal to Sr. Manager - Growth Requirements

Business Letter

Dear …

Our __(type of division)__ has been operational for __(# months/years)__ now, which has allowed us a great opportunity to analyze all the functions thoroughly. After our review of the entire operation, we have surmised that there are some key issues that must be dealt with in the short term, in order to see the future of this __(operation/division/etc)__ succeed. Detailed below are the key issues in our findings:

  1. __(briefly describe situation – example: Currently the __(type of equipment)__ we have been using has been __(briefly describe the difficulty)__. As a result of this, we have seen __(describe result – customer service being compromised because…)__.
  2. __(briefly describe situation – example: In addition to that, we have seen that our growth is being limited because of the number of __(briefly describe what is prohibiting the growth of your division)__ that we have available.
  3. __(briefly describe situation )__

In keeping with the overall growth projections of __(name of organization)__, we took a serious look at the future demands on our __(type of division)__. We found that our current situation will prohibit us from accommodating the __(type of service/products)__ demands that will soon be placed on us. Below are the solutions that __(I am/we are)__ proposing for this

__(division/department/branch/etc)__. __(I/we)__ have secured from __(name of vendor/the most cost effective vendors/etc.)__, costs associated with these proposed solutions as found in the Schedule of Costs attached.

  1. To circumvent the problem that we continue to have with the __type of equipment__, __I am/we are__ proposing that we upgrade to a __type of equipment__ as shown in the attached Schedule of Costs.
  2. To alleviate the limitation problem on the number of __phone lines/service reps/etc.__ required for future growth, __I am/we are__ proposing that we __upgrade to type of equipment/purchase a type of package/etc.__. These costs are also outlined in the attached Schedule of Costs.
  3. __(My/Our)__ proposal to remedy the __type situation__ is to __briefly describe your solution__. Again, please refer to the Schedule of Costs for a breakdown of these costs)__.
  4. __(I/We)__ believe that the implementation of these solutions into our
  5. __(branch/division/etc)__ will leave us well positioned to handle the projected future growth of our organization. Thank you for your time to review and consider this proposal.
  6. __(I/We)__ look forward to hearing from you soon with your comments.

Yours truly,