Propose Implementing New Procedure

Business Letter

Dear …

Recently, I have been assessing the effectiveness, or lack thereof, of our __(type of)__ procedures. A thorough examination of this area has revealed that it takes __(briefly describe: i.e. how many people have to be involved and the number of hours spent to completion)__. I believe I have found a more efficient way to __(briefly describe)__. It is referred to as “__(name of new procedure)__,” __(the latest/a powerful/etc.)__ technique in the field of __(type of field/procedure)__.

Here’s how it works:

  1. __(briefly describe step number 1)__
  2. __(briefly describe step number 2)__
  3. __(briefly describe step number 3)__
  4. __(briefly describe step number 4)__

I estimate the cost to implement this procedure to be __($amount)__. The savings in the first year alone, even given the startup costs, would be approximately __($amount)__. Outlined below is a breakdown of costs and what the implementation process would look like:

  1. __(first part of implementation – i.e. who would oversee the implementation – describe what they would do– Cost: $amount-if any)___
  2. __(second part of implementation - type of equipment/program required and time frame to install it– Cost: $amount)__
  3. __(third part of implementation – i.e. how the training of employees and others would be implemented – Cost: $amount)__

I’m confident that this new procedure would be far more efficient and thereby more cost effective for us. It would __(briefly describe all the positive ways it will benefit the organization)__. Anytime we can move in a positive direction like this, I believe we should seriously consider it.

Thank you for taking the time to review and consider this proposal. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon with your comments.

Respectfully yours,