Recommend Employee as Good Credit Risk

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Letter of Recommendation for __(Name)__

It is our understanding that __(full name)__ is currently looking to secure a __(line of credit/loan/mortgage/etc.)__with __(name of Financial Institution)__. We are of the opinion that __(he/she)__ would be a good credit risk to take on and would like to offer up our recommendation at this time.

__(Name)__ is currently an employee of __(name of organization)__ and has been working for us since __(date)__. __(His/Her)__ position of __(type of position)__ is secure with us. We have been pleased with __(his/her)__ contribution to our our organization and are looking forward to a long employee/employer relationship with __(him/her)__.

__(Name)__ is an individual that is both honorable and respectable in character. __(He/She)__ has demonstrated the highest of integrity during __(his/her)__ tenure with __(name of organization)__. Whenever we have offered __(him/her)__ credit for the purchases of our own__(products/services)__, __(name)__ has ensured that __(his/her)__ payments are made on time. __(He/she)__ has an admirable desire to stay current with all of __(his/her)__ credit and we believe that is an accurate exhibition of__(his/her)__ character type.

We trust that this is the information that you require to make your credit decision. If we can be of further assistance to you please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at __(phone #)__.