Recommend Supplier1

Business Letter

Dear …

After you told me that you were looking for a good __ (type of product or service provider) __, I took it upon myself to contact __ (name of product or service provider)__ on your behalf. This company has been providing us with __(type of product or service) __ for many years now and we are very pleased with their exceptional service.

From personal experience I can tell you that they are very dependable, a pleasure to deal with and over the years they have definitely earned my trust. They give the best service and their prices are very competitive. I would recommend them to anyone.

I took the liberty of giving them your name and number so you should be hearing from them in a short while. If you choose to contact them yourself, please feel free to give __ (contact name) __ a call at __(phone #) __. You won’t regret it!

Yours truly,