Internet Dating - Introduction Letter

Love Letter

Hello …

I’m __(name)__. I saw your profile on __(name of dating service)__ and I just had to write to you.

It’s hard to know what to say to somebody the first time you write to them, but after I read what you had to say in your profile, I just knew that I just had to approach you. We seem to have many things in common and I really like what you said about __(briefly describe the thing that really drew you to him/her)__. You really have certainly sparked my interest.

I am a very __(type)__ person who __(enjoys life/takes life seriously/who doesn’t take life too seriously/who doesn’t sweat the small stuff/etc.)__. Some words that people have used to describe me include: __(list words)__. Most people find me to be __(list attributes i.e. - fun, friendly and easy to talk to/etc.)__. Those who know me best say that I am __(briefly describe what your best friends say about you)__.

A couple of things that I really enjoy are __(list a couple favorite things)__. While I can be serious at times, I really do like to laugh and have fun. I’ve been known to be __(a real comic/the life of the party/quite adventurous/etc.)__ at times. Overall, I am quite a happy person, but still find that I am missing that special someone in my life.

You sound like a fascinating person…someone that I would like to know more about. Like, what are some of the things you are passionate about and what are those pet peeves that drive you crazy? Do you like to __(type of activity)__ or __ (type of activity)__?

Maybe you and I will become good friends one day, perhaps only pen pals, it may possibly evolve into a romantic interlude for us or maybe we are just simply two people on completely different paths. Who knows for sure? All I know is that it would sure be nice to have the opportunity to find out.

I hope you feel the same way and look forward to hearing back from you soon. Till then…

Warmest regards,