Recommend Emp. Prom - Identifying weak areas

Business Letter

Dear …

Re: Letter of Reference for __(Name)__

__(name)__ is currently working in the position of __(position)__ with the __(dep’t name)__ department and has been employed in this department since __(mo/year)__ . As __(his/her)__ __(supervisor/manager)__, I have found that __(name)__ takes direction well and has a good attitude towards __(his/her)__ __(team members/co-workers/colleagues).

__(Name)__ is an individual who is conscientious about being punctual and has a pleasant mannerism about __(him/her). __(His/Her)__ contribution to our department is conducive to a controlled environment with checks and balances and I believe __(he/she)__ will do well in position that matches __(his/her)__ skill set and work style.

I wish __(him/her)__ every success with __(his/her)__ career growth.

Yours truly,